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The story of B&J is the story of one man‘s faith in his ability to create something of permanence and value. Founded in the summer of 1942 by Emil Bech Jensen and partner Roy Barnes, B&J today is the unquestioned industry leader in tire buffing products for the retreading industry. B&J Manufacturing revolutionised the tire buffing process in 1945 by introducing a system using blades rather than tacks.

This was the birth of the now famous B&J Rocket Rasps. Not satisfied with resting on their laurels, B&J continued to be at the forefront of new blade technology, introducing names that became synonymous with retreading such as Saturn, Apollo, Gemini and Eagle.

1945: Following 3 years of research and development the first new rasp and blade (Regular rasp with Std blades) is presented to the tyre industry in 1945. In 1956 the first Jet Refill is developed. From that moment, B&J Rocket Rasp and Blades become the standard in retreading.

1956: the B&J Rasp system becomes the worldwide standard in retreading.

1988: In 1988 E.B. Jensen becomes member of the ”Tyre Retreading and Repairing – International Hall of Fame”.

2003: a group of Swiss investors takes over the European and international business of B&J Rocket. In the meantime, several competitors had pushed the former market leader back.

2007: Under a new management, B&J Rocket Sales AG introduces a new marketing campaign to re-establish the brand and market leadership for B&J retreading tools.

2009: B&J Rocket is reunited with the takeover of the US part of the original B&J company.

2016 the new B&J Rocket logo is born. Finally the name Rocket is adopted in the company logo.

In 2017, the company celebrated its 75th anniversary with many retail promotions. The success of the brand remained undisputed.