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Refill blades from B&J are simply the best. In some cases, we can buff twice as many tires as we can with other blades. It makes sense to spend a little more because it certainly pays off in the end.

R. M. Morales Radial Llantas S.A.P.I DE C.V, Retread Shops Coordinator - Guadalajara, Jalisco, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Our retread shop has been using B&J buffing blades and carbides for years. We can always count on B&J’s quality tools to provide quality retreads for our customers.

Rob Majewski Sumerel Tire Service - Newport, KY

B&J blades are simply the best. The Eagle II blades have proven to provide longer service life and the most consistent buff texture from start to finish compared to other blade brands.

Derek Barlow Southern Tire Mart - Las Vegas, NV

The staff at B&J are consistently prepared, professional and knowledgeable. They do an excellent job working with Rubber Inc. in the retread community to improve plant efficiency and thereby reduce overall spend.

Joe Maffia Rubber Inc. - Chicago, IL

B&J consistently exceeds expectations when it comes to communication and customer service. They are a pleasure to work with and I appreciate them as a vendor and partner.

Brian McGeoghegan Mohawk Rubber Sales - Hingham, MA

We have been using B&J buffing blades and carbides for years. In fact, B&J developed a carbide for us that is much more efficient and cost effective then the regrit we had been using for our OTR repairs. I highly recommend B&J products for their quality, consistency and performance.

Nick Hickman H&H Industries - Oak Hill, OH

The Carbide tools from B&J are manufactured in the USA and Denmark. I have experienced the difference to tools coming from other vendors, but for B&J, I’ve noticed a 15-20% longer lifetime than other brands during our daily work.

Juan Fernando Cordova Retread Shop Manager, Grupo NEOCSA - Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Why should we buy anything else? We deliver high quality to our customers, and for that, we need high quality tools. And that’s where B&J Rocket is the right partner for us.

Lic. Alvaro Vertiz Industrias Vermar S.A de C.V. - Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

B&J constantly exceeds my expectations when it comes to communication and customer service. It’s a pleasure to work with them, and I appreciate them strongly as a vendor and partner.

Antony Alarcon Distribuidora ASHA, E.I.R. - Chiclayo, Peru