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Duromax III Rasp and Refill

Ø 11.5 Inch / 273 millimeters –– 6 Segments

With more than seven decades of experience as the world-wide leader in refill blade and rasp technology serving the retread industry, B&J has developed the revolutionary DUROMAX III rasp. Engineered without limitations and to very precise specifications, the DUROMAX III rasp promises to be the best rasp you’ve ever used.  Designed for use on Matteuzzi circumferential buffers requiring an 11.5” OD hub, the DUROMAX III is the rasp of the next generation.

Duromax III Refill

Rasp Components
TURBO Application (Special Cooling Channels / recommended)Art. No: 111400
DUROMAX III Hub ConvexArt. No: 121040
Refills (1 Set of 30)
DUROMAX III refillArt. No: 121191
Pins 5/16“ Curved with Radius 75mm, length 96 mmArt. No: 111210
Pins 5/16“ Curved with Radius 150mm, length 96 mmArt. No: 111211
Pins 5/16“ Curved with Radius 150mm, length 122 mmArt. No: 111212
Repinning Curved pins incl. alignment (recommended)Art. No: 111213

Advancements in engineering provide the DUROMAX III rasp with optimal cutting angles when buffing. By altering the cutting angle of the rasp, the entire surface of the rasp can be used. Gone are the days of just 3 rows of blades to do all of the cutting with Matteuzzi buffers. With the DUROMAX III rasp, every tooth on every blade is equally involved in the buffing process. Used in combination with the DUROMAX III blade with B&J’s exclusive ULTANIUM STEEL, the DUROMAX III rasp will provide the user with the lowest cost per buffed tire.

The DUROMAX III CONVEX buffing system is our latest development within the section of convex rasps with 11.5″ Rasp (incl. Refills) resp.  273 mm (excl. Refills) and 6 segments . The DUROMAX III rasp uses the entire width of the convex rasp resulting in:

  •  Even wear of all blades
  •  Longer life
  •  More output of buffed tyres

Exchange your convex 11.5″ buffer with the new DUROMAX III and save money now. Developed and patented by B&J Rocket.


All Duromax III Components (Article No.'s) PDF