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Rocket Rasps & Buffing Blades

B&J Rocket rasp heads are made from high quality forged aluminum and not only last longer under normal working conditions, but also offer users a high level of safety.

The Rocket Rasp System

Why the system has become the industry standard

Rocket Rasps, the hubs for the well known and proven Rocket Refills, have become an industry standard since their invention in 1942 by B&J. Rocket Rasps are manufactured from high strength forged aluminium only. As a result Rocket Rasps last much longer under regular conditions and provide much higher safety for the operator.

Reducing heat from buffing is the prime goal. Due to the strong forged aluminium body, unique cooling channels can be applied to each side plate. This advanced technology called TURBO is strongly recommended to be applied to all B&J Rasps.

Rocket Rasp basics

A typical Rasp head consists of 2 major parts called Top & Pin side. In between are the selected refills and spacers fixed in various directions: REG, AP, NS.

To obtain wider rasps, Heavy Duty (HD) Spacers can be added. All B&J Rasps are manufactured with hammered (forged) Aluminium and are therefore known for their strength and durability. Some B&J rasps have been in operation for over 30 years.

There are 2 variants for the assembly of the rasp head:


- 20 x Spacers 3/8"
- 24 x Refills

Standard buffing


- Pin length 75 mm
- 16 x Spacers 3/8"
- 4 x Spacers 3/16"
- 20 Refills

Generates finer texture surface, eliminates swerving lines of rubber and prevents long rubber strips

Refill cooling technologies:

The buffing temperature has a direct impact on the lifetime of refills and the quality of your product, the retreaded tire. The cooler we can buff, less rubber scorching happens and less heat is built up on the carcass rubber - which results in retreads of higher quality. Why? Because rubber reacts to temperature. If rubber is heated up the chemical process creates rubber to age faster and lose its flexibility.B&J Rocket offers different cooling technologies: B&J Rocket provides the following cooling technologies:

1. Refills
All B&J refills are designed for cool buffing. Most refill blades are available as SUPER COOL version with a special cooling channel below the cutting tooth providing an additional cooling effect.

2. Spacers
In comparison to conventional I-Beam spacers the I-Beam Air and Air-cooled spacers provide a ventilation and cooling effect for rasps.

3. TURBO cooling channels
The unique B&J rasps, made of forged aluminium, can be ordered with TURBO cooling channels producing a significant increase in cooling effect and blade performance. These can be retro-fitted to all existing B&J rasps.