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Conveyor Belts & Cleats


B&J offers a variety of tools to repair conveyor belts rips and holes, to splice old and new belts and to prepare and re-cover pulleys.

Click here to learn about our Flat Discs and Star Wheels.

Buffing (Vulcanizing of rubber cleats, etc.)

B&J Rocket also offers tools to help buff old rubber cleats on conveyor belts. This includes vulcanizing of rubber cleats, as well as the buffing of rubber conveyor belts and fixing/improving their surfaces.

Click here to learn about our Flat Discs and Star Wheels.

B&J Flat Discs are essential for repairs to conveyor belts or for buffing large surfaces. The Flat Discs are available for small angle grinders with diameters of 115 or 125 mm as well as for large grinders with diameters of up to 230 mm. B&J Flat Fiscs are durable and efficient with grain sizes from 14 to 80.

Star Wheels for Conveyor Belts

Copper carbides from B&J are famous. Their quality in measurement and roundness is without competition. B&J copper carbides run smoothly and last longer.

Today, we offer more than 1200 different tool versions as copper carbides with:

  • Optimized number and position of cooling holes and slots
  • No contamination of the rubber
  • Runs without vibrations

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